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As an independent dressmaker, who works by appointment only, I can guarantee a personal service and individual attention. Every dress I make is unique and designed in consultation with you in order to ensure an excellent fit and the highest quality finishing. 

Consultations are free and at no obligation so please fill out the contact form if you would like to know more. Following consultation I will provide an estimated quote based on an hourly rate of £20, plus the cost of materials. 

Please scroll through the galleries below for a range of dresses I have recently completed, and visit my about page for a more detailed overview of the design process. If you are also interested in my flower arranging service please click here, these details can also be discussed at the free consultation. 




This dress is long and fitted to the hips where it gently flares out to a wide skirt with a long train. We were aiming for a very floaty effect with lace trailing delicately down the skirt. The lace is a beautiful corded one from Nottingham, which gives fantastic texture to the finished dress. Each motif is individually cut out and applied by hand; a long row of buttons complete the back. 

This dress took approximately 40 hours to complete.  


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This dress was designed for a January wedding with winter white fabrics and a red velvet sash. The pattern was based on a 1950s style fitted bodice with sweetheart neckline and a lace overlay; the skirts were very full with layers of coloured petticoats. The delicate lace, tiny crystal accents, and shiny red buttons all tied in with the overall theme. The outfit was completed by a short net veil with a large self-fabric bow. 

The outfit took approximately 25 hours to complete. 


Photographs courtesy of Warren Page




The aim of this design was to create a simple uncluttered look with a 1950s feel. We chose a warm cream duchess satin, which hangs beautifully in the deep pleats of the skirt. Layers of net give a full, swishing effect. The dress is finished with a fitted belt and front bow, which showcases an heirloom buckle. The back is closed with a concealed zip and vintage buttons. 

This dress took approximately 20 hours to complete.


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This dress is loosely based on a Georgian high-waisted design. We wanted the dress to be light, feminine and comfortable to wear. A pink underskirt shows through a sheer habotai silk overskirt to give a warm glow to the finished dress. The bodice has a square neckline and the silk is gently ruched to add texture. It is trimmed with vintage lace, mother of pearl buttons and tiny freshwater pearls which were hand-sewn onto the pink ribbon trim. A simple veil with freshwater pearl decorations completes the outfit.

Rachel was attended by six bridesmaids for each of whom I was commissioned to make a hand-painted silk shawl with a design of large roses, a floral hair decoration and a flower trimmed drawstring bag. The warm bright colours matched the overall theme and were chosen to express the joy of the occasion.

This dress took approximately 25 hours to complete.




This is a two-piece outfit: black velvet fitted bodice with a laced-up back, and a floaty white skirt. The hem is asymmetrical with a short front and ankle length back. The skirt is decorated with hand painted butterflies in shades of black and white to give a cool monochrome effect.  

This dress took approximately 25 hours to complete.




The brief for this outfit was Doctor Who inspired "Lady Time Lord" meets steampunk. We opted for a Victorian style skirt and blouse which include hand-painted silk designs showing Gallifreyan writing, a tardis, moons and stars. The skirt is layered and frilled to give a really full look, and is decorated with metallic fibres, threads and charms. A buckle and zip centred flowers complete the effect. The co-ordinating jacket was based on a Victorian riding jacket and included darts and pleats to give a neat, fitted shape; buttons, buckles and drawstrings are used for both structure and embellishment. 

This dress took approximately 45 hours to complete.




This outfit was designed specifically to not be a “dress”, instead we opted for a three piece ensemble which co-ordinated to give the impression of a single outfit. A silky underskirt with a four-pointed hem is layered by a simple sleeveless top with a lace overlay and pearl detailing. A secondary jacket of soft draping fabric is worn on top. This has elbow length lace sleeves and a heavy lace trim with applied crystal detailing.

A headband of silk flowers and ribbon with crystal accents completes the outfit.

This dress took approximately 22 hours to complete.




This outfit is made up of a slimline sheath dress which is sewn from ivory duchess satin. The front panel includes an overlay of large scale lace flowers which are decorated with diamante crystals. 

The patterned voile overskirt is made separately and can be removed for the evening, the waist band is also decorated with a diamante trim.

This dress took approximately 20 hours to complete.




Sandy wanted an elegant outfit for her son’s wedding. We chose a simple fitted dress and a flared jacket with three quarter sleeves and a mandarin collar. It took a while to decide on the best colour but we eventually agreed on this warm coral shade which suited her perfectly. We added small details of crystal and old gold around the neckline and the cuffs to add sparkle to an otherwise classic design. Matching details were then added to her fascinator and included in custom jewellery to complete the outfit.

This dress took approximately 22 hours to complete.




This dress was made using an authentic copy of a 1920’s dress pattern. It was commissioned for the wedding of a grandson who had chosen a Great Gatsby themed celebration. We wanted a soft flowing fabric for the overlays so chose a simple habotai silk which was hand painted throughout to give a soft lustre to the dress and allow decoration to be strategically placed for dramatic effect. As you will see the pattern specified a second tier of flounces around the shoulders but this was discarded in favour of a soft draping scarf which gives the outfit a longer more elegant line.

This dress took approximately 18 hours to complete.








This set of three bridesmaid dresses are made from layers of soft pink fabric to give a shimmering effect which is enhanced by the ivory lace detail on the bodice and the pink diamante trim around the waist.